A Heaven on Earth - A simple manual to become man again HOW TO BECOME WHAT (nota bene: not who!) YOU ARE

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Every nice fairy tale

ends with the words: and they lived happily ever after until the end of their days

However before gets that far the main figure has to perform difficult tasks, to beat mighty opponents, find giants and seven-headed dragons on his path and encounter many dangers. As such everybody is the main figure in his own life. The missions you have to carry out to find the treasure are provided by life itself. The giants and dragons are your opinions, your habits, your matters of course, your self-conceits, your interests, traditions, convictions and apparent certainties. And they resist stubbornly and appear unvincible, but it is possible. If you have beaten them you will never see them again.

Tower of Babel

You have to destroy all your sacred cows for they only stand in your way. Your most important weapon is absolute honsty, your ally the voice of your heart. Finally you will find yourself and live happily until the end of your days.

People have learned that pain and sorrow, troubles and problems, anguish and despair just belong to life. But they only belong to their way of life and if you want to get rid you have to change your life.Everything that is in your head you have learned, so everything can be unlearned. Dare to look at yourself and be your own hero.

You do not need difficult and thick books, no complicated words and notions, no exercises, no courses, no teachers or guru's. You are able to manage it yourself if only you have confidence in yourself. Honesty costs nothing.

Do not believe the theories and opninions of other people.The only thing asked of you is to believe that if you live according to your conscience without any compromises you will finally awake from this wicked dream and will rise above suffering and sorrow. Only this belief will save you.

To live is so terribly simple but people make it so difficult and complicated.

This world, wrapped in darkness, cries for a new Enlightenment. This time don't forget to unmask science, this new clouding religion.

Believing is not knowing for sure

People believe in the authority of others that do not know for sure too for they got it from others as far back as in dark past. What you believe is never proven, you cannot see or experience it.So people believe in theories about genetics, evolution and progress. Nobody sees, nobody knows it but there are many believers. With all those believes people talk straight what is crooked, justify their unrighteousness, excuse their misdeeds with it, explain what they do not understand and continue om the road once taken.

And when there is a threat that makes them get stuck they think up a new theory with new credulous followers. He who refers to thoughts of an other, to thoughts of generations before him, he who builds on theories of others and borrows his seeming certainties from what he believes, runs away from the responsibility of his own chimeras and life. Still the specious inventions of all that restless and complicated minds, that ruled for millenia, indicate how people should live. Never man has listened to the simple, the children, the righteous, the illiterated and the powerless.

With crooked bricks, you build a crooked wall, with ill people an ill society. A crooked wall will fit no straight bricks, an ill society will not fit healthy people.

If you do not want to see your children grow up in this ill and crazy society, if you want to protect them from all misery you encountered yourself already, if you do not want to see them make the same mistakes you made in your own life, if you do not want to see them get into the same mist you are in yourself, if you want them to stay as open-minded as they are now, in short, if you really love them, something really has to change.

First improve yourself, further and further until you are ready and just then, when you will be with many, the world will change. If you are not willing to do that, if you think that is impossible because the others tell you it is impossible, then stay were you are but do not lament if you are not happy. If you think that is the way you are and it is impossible to change because the scholars tell you it is in your genes, then abdicate the responsibility for your misery on the others and the circumstances and wallow in your self-pity. If you think you reached the maximum attainable in your life, do not complain when you are not happy.

The Butterheads - Accusation of a righteous man

Manuscript found in a bottle

Long ago in a land far away from here all people had butter upon their heads and everybody thought is was normal. There were people with creamery butter, spiced butter, semi butter and an innumerable other butter blends upon their heads but everybody only thought his own butter was the right. About that they quarreled, fought out wars and charged each other with heresy with many sharp witted arguments.

It was strange that all children being born there didn't have anything at all upon their little heads and yet all those Butterheads thought that was beautiful. Perhaps it did remind them of their own childhood, their lost children's paradise they secretly longed for sometimes and yet they dreamed of a child that would grow up to a worthy and adapted member of the Butterheads. For that purpose they soon started applying themselves to fit the child's head with a suitable layer of butter.

But once in that land there was an inhabitant who was not happy. He had thought much and long about his discomfort and finally arrived at the conlusion it all was owing by his buttered head undoubtedly. The only sensible solution he suggested was to part with his butter burden. His fellow countrymen warned him: don't do so risky, adapt yourself, do normally, wihout butter you are nothing. He was resolutely and persevered. And look: the more he freed himself from his butter the more it dawned upon him but the more lonesome became his struggle. Until one day, at despair's door, as by magic the last small remnant disappeared. Nowadays it is said the scales fell from his eyes.

At that time he just really realized the craziness of the world he lived in and the strange way his fellow countrymen behaved. He tried to talk about it. They laughed at him or got angry. To be not conspicious he did put butter upon his head again and played the game but life of a unbuttered amidst butterheads is no picnic. The thing that went to his heart at most were the children in whom he recognized so a lot and everywhere around him he saw them decaying unto butterheads. He became cautious as a snake and harmless as a dove and finally he wrote this short manual about the way to become from a butterhead man again.

The daily news

Everyday again the newspaper and television spit out the symptoms of this ill society over the readers and viewers. People note it and they return to the order of the day. Exulting at the achievements, indignant of all misery and not realizing the way they are connected to each other indissolubly experts ventilate their opinions shamelessly. Many of them point out ill spots that have to be fought, trot out solutions and point out the guilty.

We need more rules and punishments have to become harder. All the time more power to rule this derailing society, all the time higher dikes to bridle the waters, all the time more rules to keep the civilians in their proper places. Complicated people write complicated articles to solve complicated problems and the confusion merely grows.
Man and nature cannot be bridled and show it by bursting out of their artificial harnesses everywhere or languish. Is it not high time to finally remove the harness?

Paradise, Paradise lost, Paradise regained

The great return to the Promised Land

(From our correspondent in heaven)

This expedition is only reserved for people who dare to believe in themselves. He who is not willing to question his certainties and his convictions cannot join and keeps his seat. He who thinks he cannot change yet because he is just as he is, will never start and he who never starts never will arrive. He who believes he will never find the way out, will stay wandering in the labyrinth. He who believes in progress can never follow the track back. He who believes he can never get rid of his luggage will carry his burden to the last gasp. He who keeps believing will never know but he who will seek faithfully will find.

The only guiding priciple is:

Do Not do to others what you do NOT want them to do to you

What you need further for the quest:

What you have to give up:

The award is:

What is Enlightenment?

"Enlightenment is man's release from his self-incurred tutelage. Tuttelage is man's inability to make use of his understanding without direction from another. Self-incurred is this tutelage when its cause lies not in lack of reason but in lack of resolution and courage to use it without direction from another. Sapere aude! "Have courage to use your own reason!" that is the motto of Enlightenment.

Emanuel Kant 1783

Power never ends by power Power ends bij love, that's the only law

About this website

The message this website holds is surprising and hard to believe.You were always told that there is no way back, that you have to continue on the way once taken, whether you like it or not, that it is impossible to fly, that your whole life is a quest and yet you will never find, that there is no sense in asking why for you still will get no answer, that you will never understand yourself and your god because you and your god are inscrutable and that you have to resign yourself to it and you can only try to make the best of it.

And so you did. You became a fellow player in the game you did not invent the rules for. You already sustained so many scars, you suffered pain and misery, but you thought it could not be done otherwise. Evidently, it is still possible and there is a way out of this valley of tears. All things have been told so many times, but people never listened.

The children

They show you what you ever were. Open-minded, whole, natural, harmless, spontaneous, contented, without past and future, not hindered by any knowledge, honest and shameless. And look the way they get crumpled in the process people call education. The way they become childish grown ups, saddled with the uncomprehended past of their educators. Dishonest, caught in their convictions, driven by their will, discontented, unfree, unnatural, contradictory, internally divided and lost in this self created crazy society.

Always the children are the victims, everywhere they go into the same mist their parents live in. With the best intentions they expel the children from their paradises and they do not know what they do.The only thing children can learn from their parents is the way it should not be. But no one ever listenedto them although they are the example of the original man and the way he should be.

No man has the right to determine how an other has to live. Children are people too!

The state of the world


Quarrels everywhere, hate, discord, solitude, depression, terror, misery and pain, uncertainty, despair, aggression, trouble and problems, blood, sweat and tears. Full hospitals and jails, alcoholics and drugs-addicts, civil wars, tortures, 500 million dollars for armament, in 2000 years 5000 wars. 600 million hungering, millions of refugees, roadvictims, epidemics of cancer, Aids, heart-diseases and V.D's. Murder and homicide, abortions, suicides, divorces, unemployment, handicapped. Yet people claim they are well of. You need a lot of self-deceit to sustain that claim and it is annoying you always keep the deceiver within.


People say there are so many good things in the world people say, but that is only one side of the picture that cannot exist without the other side. Opposite to all achievements is decay and they are joined together indissolubly. Behind the nice facade of the affluent society is world of misery. That is the toll mankind pays for it's short-sightedness...In this split world there is no good without evil, no winners without losers, no pros without cons, no achievements without decay, no richness without poverty, no God without Devil, no future without past. If you want to get rid of evil, the losers, the cons, the decay, the poverty, the Devil and the past, you have to get rid of the so-called good, the pros, the achievement, the richness, your God and your future.

How you can use this website

On this website there are some sign-posts from people who preceded you, that will allow you to check if you are on the right track. You will first recognize them when you have left your standpoint. You do not change your life with your head but by living differently. He who thinks he is just as he is will die just as he lived. He who lives oppressed will die oppressed. He who cannot let lgo now, will hardly be able to do it then.

The true and the false Utopia

Culture always is at the expense of nature- nature always is at the expense of culture.

A = 100% culture, ratio. The false and unreachable utopia
B = 100% nature, feeling. The true and reachable utopia
X = society

-------------- X ----------------------- B

X is the position of our culture. The larger part of nature is sacrificed to production, achievements, interests, egoism, false needs and properties. A is a totally technologised earth, an illusion, wherein no nature would be left, or a situation after a thirth world war, a barren uninhabitable earth. B could be named paradise, a return to the original state, wherein man lives in harmony with himself, his fellow-men and nature.

lt is a radical back to nature

As long as man is somewhere between A and B he is wandering, submitted to contrarieties. When you quit the herd, that fights its life-and-dead struggle for own interests, property and status in X and enter the narrow path full of dangers on your way to B, abandoning all cultural luggage little by little, comparable to leaving Plato's cave, the ones staing behind will talk ill of you. At B is the narrow gate you have to pass totally naked, without any interest or prejudices. You first have to pay the last farthing. You have to leave the whole world behind, without any compromises

A  =  100% ratio, thinking
B  =  100% feeling, conscience, etc.
O  =  a human

----------- O --- X --------------------- B

If the zero and the crosslet are in the same place you are adapted to society decently and fit in with it exactly. The more you get rid of your prejudices, customs, self-interest and convictions the crosslet goes to the right. Finally you will fall together with you conscience, but you do not fit in with this unrighteous society no more. Everywhere around you you see people fighting to pull the crosslet to the right or to the left, the environment movements to the right the planners to the left,their conscience to the right, frights to the left, love to the right, power to the left. An endless fight with victims only.

Jorge Luis Borges

In "The Cult of the Book" Borges narrates about a parable of Nathaniel Hawthorne. "Therein Hawthorne foresees a moment when people decide, weary with senseless heaping up, to destroy the past. Therefore they gather in one of the extent areas in the West of America on an early evening. From all remote places on earth people come to that plain.

In the middle they build a gigantic funeral pile and they feed it with all genealogical trees, with all diplomas, with all medals, with all decorations, with all warants, with all scutcheons, with all coronets, with all sceptres, with all tiaras, with all purple coats, with all baldachins, with all thrones, with all alcoholics, with all coffee-bags, with all tea-canisters, with all cigars, with all loveletters, with all artillery, with all swords, with all flags, with all war-drums, with all instruments of torture, with all guilllotines, with all gallows, with all precious metals, with all money, with all title-deeds, with all constitutions and codes of law, with all mitres, with all dalmaticas, with all holy scriptures that populate and fatigue Earth nowadays.

Hawthorne astonished and slightly shocked watches the burning; a man with a thoughtful appearance tells him that he needs not to be happy or sad as the huge pyramid of fire only consumes what is consumable in things. An other bystander - the devil - remarks that the impresarios of the holocaust forgot to throw the essence on the pile, that is, the human heart that holds every evil and that they only destroyed some shapes. Hawthorn concludes as follows:

"The heart, that little unbounded sphere, matrix of the original sin, of which crime and misery areonly some symbols. Let us purify this internal sphere and the many shapes of evil that darken this visible world will fly like phantasms , for if we only work with our reason using that imperfect instrument to better what is tormenting us, then all of our efforts will be a dream. Such an unreal dream that it does not matter if the stake that I described so faithfully is a so- called real datum, a fire that scorches our hand or a dreamed up fire, a parable".

This website is about the purifying of that little sphere. Not the heart, as Borges writes, but the head. When you were a little child your head was still empty. No opinions, convictions, knowledge, beliefs, imposed requirements and values, false needs, laws and precepts populated the brain yet. Nothing to lose and therefore no fear. Everything that is learned can be unlearned, so the beginning will be as the end again. Everything mankind befouled its own nest, the earth, with are merely products of false needs.

He who trusts in others does not trusts himself. He who believes in others does not believe in himself. He who believes in theories cannot see clearly. He who pursues his self-interest does so at the expense of the common interest. He who tries to run with the hare and hunts with the hounds, serving two masters, will keep struggling his whole life. It is all or nothing.

Movie The Matrix Slotscene

"I know you are up there. I can feel you now. I know that you are afraid. You are afraid of us. You are afraid of change. I do not know the future. I did not come here to tell you how it is going to end. I came here to tell you how it is going to begin. I am going hang up this phone and then I am going to show this people what you do not want them to see. I am going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders and boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from here is a choice I leave to you."

The Matrix.

Happy and contented people are the biggest threat for this society

The fatal mistake of christianity is they turned the only guide-line for a happy life "do NOT do to others what you do NOT want them to do to you". That is why mankind lives in a world upside-down now.

Who gives up all, will get all

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